Transit Crimes

S.7506-B/A. 9506-B (Part VV)

Upon sentencing for crimes involving sexual assault against a passenger, customer or employee, or assault against an employee, of the MTA, a person is prohibited from using or entering and MTA subways, trains, buses or other conveyances or facilities for up to three years, or for the period of probation or conditional discharge, whichever is less. A court may modify this if the person relies on MTA conveyances for necessities such as employment, school, medical appointments, grocery shopping, etc. A person subject to these prohibitions is entitled to apply for a refund of any prepaid fare amounts unable to be used due to restrictions imposed.


Signed: April 3, 2020 Chapter 56 – Budget Bill: Part VV Effective: July 2, 2020. Amends: Penal Law § 65.10(2) by adding a new paragraph (k-2).