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Transforming Systems

Evolving to meet the needs of survivors and reach them where they are.
New York State Protects Survivors
Making Sure Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence Get the Help They Need

For the past 40 years, New York State has worked to protect survivors through policy, education and programming. From the establishment of the first domestic violence shelter in NYS, to the development of the new text and chat feature of the Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline, we’ve evolved to meet the needs of survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and reach them where they are.

All Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence Deserve the Same Support
We're Working to Ensure that Statewide Service Delivery is:

Focusing on the needs and priorities of survivors.


Understanding the physical, social and emotional impact of trauma on a survivor.

Culturally Responsive

Acknowledging that a survivors’ racial and cultural identities play a role in how they experience domestic violence.

Transformation Needs to Happen Now
COVID-19 Confirmed What We Already Knew

With a leadership change at OPDV in 2019, our office was already engaging in system transformation work. Then COVID-19 began. Survivors were impacted more than ever. On average, there was a 45% increase in calls to the New York State Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline. This only validated what we already knew: survivors need help now. On May 20, 2020 New York State launched the COVID-19 Domestic Violence Task Force to find innovative solutions to the spike in domestic violence.

Read the report to learn more about the COVID-19 Task Force and its recommendations.

COVID-19 Domestic Violence Task Force
Three Core, Strategic Approaches Identified by the Task Force:
Mobile Advocacy

New York can meet survivors’ desires to interact in their own language with service providers via mobile devices from wherever is safest and most convenient

Flexible Funding

New York should allow programs to use funds to in ways that directly impact survivors’ immediate needs, including mobile-based advocacy, housing stability, economic empowerment and safety planning.

Housing Choice

New York must support housing solutions beyond shelter for survivors seeking a safe place to live.

If You are Unsafe in Your Relationship, Reach Out to an Advocate Any Time, Day or Night.
Get Help
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