S.7506-B/A. 9506-B (Part L)

Creates Article 5-C of the Family Court Act, “Judgments of Parentage of Children Conceived Through Assisted Reproduction or Pursuant to Surrogacy Agreements.” Contains legal and procedural requirements for obtaining judgments of parentage, as well as setting forth requirements for surrogacy agreements, payments by intended parents to surrogates, and establishes the “Surrogates’ Bill of Rights.” 

Amends the Public Health Law by adding a new Article 25-B, “Gestational Surrogacy,” requiring promulgation of rules, regulations, guidelines and tracking for gestational surrogacy. Amends other laws to comport with the requirements of each of these new laws.


Signed: April 3, 2020 Chapter 56 – Budget Bill: Part L Effective: February 15, 2021 Amends: Family Court Act by adding Article 5-C; Public Health Law by adding Article 25-B; and other sections of the Family Court Act; Public Health Law; Social Services Law; Insurance Law; and Estates, Powers and Trusts Law.