Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence Annual Report 2012


Appointed Council-Member Activities

Many nonprofits and local government entities do tireless work across the state; their voices and work are represented by the nine (9) appointed members of the council, and some of their contributions are outlined below.

Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Services of Saratoga County (DVRC)
  • Emergency Shelter – Provided 2,754 bed nights (up 36% from 2011) of emergency shelter for a total of 91 women and children.
  • Supportive Housing – Provided 33 women and children with safe housing in independent apartments through our New View Housing programs, a total of 8,935 bed nights of housing.
  • Hotline Crisis Response – Responded to 1,701 hotline calls.
  • Supportive Victim-Assistance Services – Provided in-person support services to 803 persons through direct counseling, legal, shelter and economic stability services.
  • Legal Advocacy – Provided legal advocacy to 176 persons, including assistance with 74 petitions for orders of protection, temporary custody or temporary support and legal clinics to provide pro bono legal services to 39 abuse survivors.
  • Employment Assistance – Assisted 32 unemployed women to find jobs and another 8 with career advancements that increased household financial independence.
  • Economic Empowerment – Provided Project Hope and Power, our 8 week financial literacy program to 62 women.
  • Financial Assistance – Provided over $7,000 in emergency financial assistance.
  • Rape Crisis Services – Provided advocacy and follow-up services to 28 sexual assault victims accessing forensic examinations, as well as counseling and support services to assist 121 primary and secondary victims of sexual assault.
  • Sustained our Community Allies Program, an innovative community mobilization program to create social change to reduce relationship violence.
  • Teen Dating Violence Prevention – Provided prevention education programs to 2,005 youth.

For more information visit the DVRC website.

Sanctuary for Families (NYC)

Sanctuary for Families is the largest non-profit provider dedicated exclusively to serving domestic violence victims, sex trafficking victims, and their children in New York State. Sanctuary has 134 staff working out of nine office and shelter locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens. Through active recruitment of multilingual staff, Sanctuary is able to offer services to clients in 34 languages; many more languages are represented by our roster of over 500 pro bono attorneys and hundreds of volunteers. Last year, Sanctuary provided services to 10,505 women, men, and children out of nine offices and shelter citywide.

  • Shelter – Provided safe, confidential housing and supportive services to 550 women and children at five shelters (approximately 200 each night).
  • Crisis Intervention – Provided safety planning, counseling/shelter screening and clinical referrals for 2,400 clients.
  • Counseling – Provided individual counseling, support groups, and psychiatric services in multiple languages for 750 adults and 400 children/teens.
  • Legal Services – Provided representation and advocacy for 2,650 clients in family law, immigration, matrimonial, public benefits, and other specialties; legal advice, screenings and referrals to an additional 2,400 clients.
  • Children Services – Provided educational advocacy, tutoring, childcare, recreational activities, and other services for 2,400 children.
  • Career Training – Provided new in-house job readiness and hard skills training workshops, including MS Word and Excel, typing and basic literacy, preparing 125 clients for living-wage, service sector jobs.
  • Economic Empowerment – Provided career planning, job placement assistance, housing and public benefits assistance, personal finance education, economic advocacy, and referrals for 500 clients.
  • Financial Assistance – Provided over $336,000 in carefully screened, need-based emergency and stability grants for 275 clients, including rent for eviction prevention, college tuition, and furniture for new apartments.
  • Public Education and Awareness – Sanctuary connected with a wide range of professional and lay audiences, including victims or potential victims who may come forward for assistance as a result of effective outreach.
    • Community outreach to children, parents, religious groups, potential victims and many others, educating them about the crime of domestic violence and what they can do to help.
    • Professional trainings reaching thousands of judges, district attorneys, police, social service workers, pro bono lawyers, immigrant services providers, and many others.