Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence Annual Report 2009



As NYS faces significant financial challenges, agencies have had to figure out how to best continue providing training, much of it mandated, for staff and consumers, with limited funds for travel, materials and training personnel. In an effort to provide quality training, alternative options have been utilized such as on-line training modules, webinars and web-cast training. Members of the NYS DV Advisory Council have provided/participated in the following training:

NYS Office for the Aging (OFA)
  • Ten members of Executive Management team attended OPDV’s Domestic Violence and the Workplace training.

For more information visit the OFA website.

NYS Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS)
  • A three-part training curriculum was created for OCFS Regional Office Domestic Violence licensing staff to support the quality of OCFS technical assistance and support. The training was offered though I-Linc, a distance learning technology, to accommodate statewide needs.

For more information visit the OCFS website.

NYS Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NYSCADV)
  • Designed a new state-wide training structure to provide a regional training circuit to meet the needs of providers.

For more information visit the NYSCADV website.

NYS Department of Correctional Services (DOCS)
  • DOCS made the commitment that all of their employees would receive training on “Domestic Violence and the Workplace.” OPDV conducted 15 trainings for DOCS training staff, enabling the 247 participants to go back to their facilities and provide general training to employees. In 2009 a total of 29,489 DOCS employees received the training. In addition, DOCS trained all of their Deputy Superintendants of Administration who act as the facility liaisons for the Governor’s Domestic Violence and the Workplace initiative.

For more information visit DOCCS website.

NYS Office of Court Administration (OCA)
  • Domestic violence is a topic at the annual new judge’s seminars and at the Court Officers Academy.
  • In June 2009 the Office of Court Administration presented a webinar on domestic violence, firearms and orders of protection to town and village justices. The two hour presentation is posted on the Unified Court System (UCS) website.
  • The summer 2009 seminars for judges at the Judicial Institute and January “lunch and learn” programs addressed the new records check legislation in custody and visitation cases.
  • The office of the Chief of Policy and Planning provided training to judges and court staff in new and operational DV and IDV courts; in June 2009 they provided training to DV and IDV resource coordinators. In addition, the office regularly works with judges and court staff at individual court locations.

For more information visit the OCA website.

NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS)
  • DCJS Office of Public Safety secured an ARRA grant for violence against women to develop a series of training programs geared toward law enforcement response to domestic violence. The training will be delivered to law enforcement agencies throughout NYS in 2010.

For more information visit the DCJS website

NYS Education Department (SED)
  • Hosted several on-site and web-cast OPDV Domestic Violence and the Workplace trainings for SED staff.

For more information visit the SED website

NYS Department of Health (DOH)
  • The Rape Crisis and Sexual Violence Prevention Program (RCSVPP) provided 3,035 multi-session educational programs to 43,686 individuals.
  • The Family Planning Program contracts with 51 providers with 189 clinic sites. Each of these programs must provide training to staff on domestic violence, develop policies and procedures for domestic violence screening and provide information about their efforts to identify domestic violence in their annual report.

For more information visit the DOH website

NYS Department of Mental Health (OMH)
  • Developed and implemented on-line Domestic Violence and the Workplace training. All NYSOMH employees are required to complete the training.

    For more information visit the OMH website.
NYS Division of Parole (DOP)
  • Developed and implemented statewide training on Manual Item 9401.07 and Executive Order #19, including a Train the Trainer curricula, with 85% of DOP staff trained.

For more information visi the DOP webpage.

NYS Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (OPDV)

Since its inception, OPDV has provided state-of-the-art training for professionals across a variety of disciplines. Comprehensive skills and knowledge based training has been developed for many NYS systems. As NYS faces significant financial challenges, OPDV along with other state agencies have had to figure out how to best continue a professional level of training, much of it mandated, with limited funds for travel, materials and staff. In 2009 OPDV provided various state partners with both web-casts and webinars and is currently working with the Governor’s Office for Employee Relations (GOER) on an on-line Domestic Violence and the Workplace course for all NYS employees.

Child Protective Services (CPS): 355 CPS workers completed the two-day state-mandated “Domestic Violence Training for CPS Workers” conducted by OPDV in collaboration with OCFS. These 22 skill-based, interactive trainings helped CPS workers better understand how domestic violence impacts the families they work with, and assisted them in their case practice.

Child Welfare (CW): OPDV & OCFS collaborated on the development of a new training program for Child Welfare workers. 200 CW workers completed the voluntary two-day “Domestic Violence Training for Child Welfare Workers” conducted by OPDV. These 12 trainings were skill-based and highly interactive providing an understanding of how domestic violence impacts families.

Healthy Families New York: OPDV developed a draft curriculum for this program that provides home visiting services to families who are either expecting a baby, or are recent parents, until the children are 5 years of age.

Domestic Violence and the Workplace: Fifteen full-day Domestic Violence and the Workplace trainings were offered including 1 webinar and two webcasts, with more than 1,220 NYS employees trained. 351 participants then completed one of the 9 follow-up 1/2 day train the trainer programs. In addition seven shorter presentations were attended by more than 250 employees. In addition, shorter Domestic Violence and the workplace presentations were provided for several state agencies.

Local District Social Services (LDSS) Training: OTDA* provided funding to OPDV to provide 28 one–day domestic violence training sessions for LDSS staff. This course trained 409 Temporary Assistance, Child Support Enforcement and Employment workers about the barriers related to domestic violence.

Family Violence Option/Domestic Violence Liaison Training Institute (DVLTI): The DVLTI is a collaborative effort coordinated by the State University of New York (SUNY), Professional Development Program (PDP) with training and technical assistance from OPDV. Four four-day mandatory institutes provided 32 participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill the job responsibilities of the Domestic Violence Liaison position.

Homeless Shelter Training: OPDV conducted six one-day domestic violence training sessions for 86 participants. This course provides the staff of homeless shelters with fundamental knowledge on the issue of domestic violence so that staff can better understand/interact with victims.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): OPDV provided several trainings and conference presentations on TBI, many in collaboration with the NYS Brain Injury Association.

Domestic Violence Mental Health & Substance Abuse: OPDV provided nine presentations on topics related to substance abuse and various mental health issues for treatment providers and court personnel.

LGBT Domestic Violence Curriculum: OPDV worked on revisions to the curriculum on same-sex domestic violence that OPDV originally created for the AIDS Institute in 2001. The revised curriculum is expected to be finalized in the spring of 2010.

NYS Victim Assistance Academy: The 5th Annual NYS Victim Assistance Academy was held in June at Buffalo State College for 35 crime victim service providers from across the state. The SVAA is a project of the NYS Coalition Against Sexual Assault. OPDV staff served on the Advisory Committee and Curriculum Committee and also provided core faculty for the Academy.

Law Enforcement: More than 45 presentations were held for NYS law enforcement personnel with more than 1,250 trained.

Health Care – NYC Program: Conducted domestic violence trainings and presentations to NYC and metropolitan region health care providers with a focus on screening, assessing and intervening with all female patients.

  • 60 Maternal and Child Health Trainings were conducted for 220 participants.
  • 71 General Awareness Presentations for Health Care Providers were attended by 1270 participants.
  • 26 presentations on DV as a Public Health Issue were conducted for 604 participants.
  • 90 presentations on Domestic Violence and Cultural Competency within the Health Care System and Domestic Violence and Immigrant Women within the Health Care System were attended by 1764 participants
NYS Office of Probation and Correctional Alternatives (OPCA)
  • Basic domestic violence training was delivered at three fundamental of probation classes here in Albany and in six local programs.
  • All new probation officers were required to view the Domestic Violence CD.
  • A domestic violence workshop was presented at the NYS Probation Officers Association Conference.
  • Advanced domestic violence training was delivered in both Ulster and Nassau County Probation Departments.

For more information visit the OPCA website.

NYS Office of Victim Services (OVS)*

OVS’s 2009 statewide conference for service providers included the following workshops:

  • What Teens Tell Us: Dating Violence & Healthy Relationships
  • Power and Control: Beyond Gender
  • Working with Sexually Exploited Young People
  • Teen Dating Violence 101
  • Serving Survivors of Interpersonal Violence with Disabilities
  • Faces of My Sisters: Cultural Perspective of Black Domestic Violence Survivors
  • Traumatic Brain Injury and Domestic Violence

In addition, OPDV provided training to all OVS employees on the issue of domestic violence. For more information visit Office of Victim Services (OVS) website.