Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence Annual Report 2009


Plans for 2010

Many initiatives launched in 2009 will gather even more steam in 2010, and several new efforts are planned as well. Some have already taken place. The teen dating campaign – control is not love – was re-issued at a press conference highlighting a promising Washington County program during teen dating abuse prevention and awareness month; we have officially launched the restructured focus of the NYS Domestic Violence Advisory Council; and two statewide webinar conversations have been held regarding the implementation of the Expanded Access to Family Court.

Despite a challenging environment of dwindling resources and rising need, New York continues to make great strides forward. We are grateful for the commitment of our nonprofit colleagues to make sure they sustain their work with clients at this time, and we are determined to meet their commitment with our own. New York State will continue to work together, across agencies, and with local partners, to ensure that all individuals can be safe in their intimate and family relationships.

Here are a few of the projects planned for 2010: