Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence Advisory Council Transition Report



In the past four years, the Domestic Violence Advisory Council has become a vibrant interagency entity that has driven significant policy changes in the area of domestic violence at no additional cost to the state. It has enhanced data collection; encouraged and facilitated dialogue and sharing among and between agencies and organizations; and strengthened OPDV’s efforts to increase public awareness of this issue through the incorporation of domestic violence into the work of the various State agencies represented on the Council. After four productive years, this report captures the essence of the accomplishments and strides the Council has made, while emphasizing the importance of an interagency collaboration and coordination dedicated to addressing the issue of domestic violence.

“The DV Council has been important in providing leadership to ensure domestic violence issues, which affect persons of all ages, including older adults, are given a priority in NYS programmatic efforts." ~NYS Office for the Aging