Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence Advisory Council Transition Report


Future Plans for the Domestic Violence Advisory Council

Each year the Council identifies a particular area within domestic violence upon which to focus, and achieve at least one concrete action step within each member organization. In 2010 the topic was teen dating and abuse. The Council is in the process of identifying its issue topic for next year: one possibility is the area of prevention. While we as a state have a fairly comprehensive system in place to respond to domestic violence, we could do far better on our prevention efforts. Should the Council take on “prevention” as its topic for 2011, we will discuss whether prevention should mean educating our children and young people about healthy relationships; whether it means creating programs for offenders that reduce recidivism and therefore prevent re-abuse; or whether it means instituting comprehensive screening for domestic violence in all of our service systems both to support victims and prevent re-victimization. It is a good example of the type of issue that is best addressed collaboratively. In the meantime, all Council members are working on their data submissions to the Domestic Violence Dashboard and developing their submissions to the Domestic Violence Annual Report.

DCJS Acting Commissioner Sean M. Byrne said “I commend my fellow members of the Domestic Violence Advisory Council for their efforts to champion enhanced data collection, and DCJS is committed to working with our local law enforcement partners to ensure the data they report to us is accurate and timely and can be put to good use by those agencies, and by Council members to develop collaborative policies and programs that will reduce victimization across the state.” ~NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services