Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence


New York State Domestic Violence Dashboard Project 2013 Data


Public Safety  


In 2013, strangulation offenses charged in arrests and arraignments in New York State increased 3% over 2012, with NYC experiencing a 9% increase, while the rest of the state experienced a 4% decrease. (DCJS) 1

Bar Chart 'Strangulations Charged in NYS 2011-2013':  NYS total of 10,469 strangulations charged in 2011, 11,616 in 2012, and 12,069 in 2013

From 2012 to 2013, total homicides decreased 6.5% statewide from 688 to 643. The number of intimate partner homicides increased 16%, from 75 to 87 during that same time period. (DCJS). 

Bar chart ‘Intimate Partner Homicides 2008-2013: NYS total of 91 intimate partner homicides in 2008, 89 in 2009, 73 in 2010, 89 in 2011, 75 in 2012, and 87 in 2013

In 2013, 48% of female homicide victims aged 16 and older were killed by an intimate partner. Four percent of male homicide victims were killed by an intimate partner in 2013 (DCJS).

In 2013, firearms were used in 27 of the 83 intimate partner homicides (32.5%).  In 2012, firearms were used in 32% of intimate partner homicides (24 of 75). (DCJS).

Law Enforcement and Community Supervision

In 2013, there were 112,094 total assaults reported by police agencies outside of New York City. Of these, 28% (31,106) were committed by intimate partners; females were the victim in 80% of these assaults, which was also the case in 2012. (DCJS)

Since 2012, total assaults are down 6% and intimate partner assaults are down 3%, and intimate partner assaults where females were the victim are also down 4%. (DCJS)

In 2013, police outside New York City responded to 187,710 domestic incidents, a 5% decrease from 2012. (DCJS) 2 In 2013, local probation departments added 34,182 new criminal court probation cases to their caseloads, a small decrease from 2012, when 34,956 new cases were added.  Of the new cases added in 2013, 5,498 were domestic violence cases.  This was an increase from 2012, when 5,217 domestic violence cases were added. 

The percentage of all new cases that were identified as domestic violence cases increased from 14.9 %  in 2012 to 16.1% in 2013, despite the 2.2% decrease in overall cases

Bar graph 'Domestic Violence Probation Cases': Number of new criminal court probation cases in 2012 and 2013 and how many were domestic violence cases

Local probation departments also handled an additional 72 Family Court cases statewide during 2013, dropping from 103 Family Court cases handled in 2012. (OPCA)

In 2013, 22% of the27,569 parolees under Community Supervision (parole) were identified as having a history of domestic violence.  (DOCCS) Courts

The 39 Domestic Violence (DV) Courts heard 26,891 new cases in 2013, a 5.2% decrease from 2012. (OCA)

In 2013, the 42 Integrated Domestic Violence Courts around New York State served 2,443 new families (a slight decrease from 2,696 in 2012) and handled 13,649 new cases (down from 14,799 in 2012). (OCA)

Of the 300,236 total orders of protection issued by NYS Courts in  2013, 209,729 were required to be recorded in the UCS’ Domestic Violence Registry. This represents a 4% decrease from the 218,570 orders of protection that were required to be recorded in the UCS’ Domestic Violence Registry out of a total 304,239  in 2012. (OCA)

In 2013, 17% of the family offense filings in NYS Family Courts fell under the expanded definition of “intimate relationship.” Of these, nearly 5% were made by individuals in current or former same-sex relationships.

Bar graph “Orders of Protection (Required) Issued 2007-2013:  205,799 in 2007; 220,719 in 2008; 207,726 in 2009; 219,876 in 2010; 218,872 in 2011; 218,570 in 2012; and 209,729 in 2013
  1. Source: DCJS, Computerized Criminal History system (as of 3/25/2014).
  2. The data are based on DIRs received and, based on experience  with backlogs from previous years, numbers will increase as more DIRs are submitted.