Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence


New York State Domestic Violence Dashboard Project 2011 Data


Public Safety


89 intimate partner homicides were reported in 2011, with 49 reported in New York City and 40 in the rest of the State. This represents a 20% increase from 2010, bringing the number of intimate partner homicides back to 2008 and 2009 levels. (DCJS) 

Bar chart: “Intimate Partner Homicides 2007 – 2011” showing numbers of homicides from counties in and outside New York City and the combined total.

In 2011, 44% of female homicide victims aged 16 and older were killed by an intimate partner; 4% of male homicide victims were killed by an intimate partner. (DCJS)
In 2011, firearms were used in 20 of the 89 intimate partner homicides (22%). This is four fewer than in 2010, when firearms were used in 24 of the 74 intimate partner homicides (32%). (DCJS)

Law Enforcement and Community Supervision

In 2011, there were 118,556 total assaults reported by police agencies outside of  New York City.1Of these, 25% (30,096) were com- mitted by intimate partners; females were the victim in 80% of these assaults.  Since 2010, total assaults are down 3% but intimate partner assaults are up 4%.  (DCJS)

In 2011, police outside of New York City responded to 201,904 domestic incidents.2(DCJS & SPD)

In 2011, there were 10,469 strangulation offenses charged in arrests and arraignments in New York State. (DCJS)

In 2011, 25% of the over 28,000 releasees under Community Supervision (parole) were identified as having a history of domestic violence. (DOCCS)


The 40 Domestic Violence Courts heard 32,983 new cases in 2011, a 13% decrease from 2010.3 (OCA)

The 46 Integrated Domestic Violence Courts around New York State served 3,026 new families and handled 16,191 new cases in 2011. (OCA)

New York State courts issued a total of 301,021 orders of protection in 2011, of which 218,872 were required to be recorded in the UCS’ Domestic Violence Registry. (OCA)

Bar chart showing the approximate annual number of Orders of Protection (Required) Issued between 2007 and 2011 Table: Orders of Protection in UCS’ Domestic Violence Registry (Required) 2010-2011

While the number of orders of protection issued remained relatively stable (less than 1% decrease) between 2010 and 2011, it had been steadily increasing, rising by 34% from 2007 to 2010. (OCA)

In 2011, 15% of the family offense filings in New York State Family Courts fell under the expanded definition of “intimate relationship”, the same percentage as in 2010. (OCA)

In 2011, 5% of the family offense filings under the expanded definition of “intimate relationship” in New York State Family Courts were made by individuals in current or former same-sex relationships, the same percentage as in 2010. (OCA)

Note: Due to reporting lags, reclassification of cases and other factors, numbers reported in previous Dashboards may have changed. Calculations herein are based on updated information, when available.

  1. Assaults include both aggravated assaults and simple assaults as defined by the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program.
  2. This number includes 193,727 NYS Domestic Incident Reports (DIRs) submitted to DCJS and 8,177 comparable police reports completed by the Syracuse Police Department (SPD).  While they complete DIRs now, the SPD was using a different report for domestic incidents in 2011.
  3. Of the 40 Domestic Violence Courts, six do not report data to OCA, primarily town and village justice courts.  This is consistent with the way the number of courts and the data were reported last year for the 2010 Dashboard.