Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence


New York State Domestic Violence Dashboard Project 2009 Data


Public Safety


89 intimate partner homicides were reported in 2009; counties outside of New York City reported 46 of these homicides. The numbers remained relatively stable from 2008 to 2009, but increased 24% statewide, and 53% in counties outside of New York City, from 2007. (DCJS)

Bar chart entitled 'Intimate Partner Homicides 2007 to 2009' showing number of homicides from counties in and outside New York City and the combined total.

In 2009, there were 15 intimate partner murder-suicides in New York State. (DCJS)

In 2009, females were the victims in 76% of the intimate partner homicides in New York State (68 of 89). (DCJS)

Law Enforcement

In 2009, there were 105,515 total assaults reported through the Uniform Crime Reporting program by police agencies outside of New York City. Of these 26,251 were committed by intimate partners, representing 25% of the total reported.2 (DCJS)

In 80% of the intimate partner assaults outside of New York City, the victims were female. (DCJS)

In 2009, 12,694 law enforcement officers and other criminal justice professionals were trained on responding to domestic violence. (OPDV, DCJS, DPCA, NYSP, NYPD, NYS Parole)


The 40 Domestic Violence Courts in New York State handled 35,244 cases in 2009. (OCA)

In 2009, the 45 Integrated Domestic Violence (IDV) Courts handled 17,101cases and served 3,217 families. (OCA)

New York State courts issued a total of 262,327 orders of protection in 2009, of which 207,726 were required to be recorded in the UCS’ Domestic Violence Registry.

There was a 21% increase in required orders of protections issued from 2008 and a 26% increase from 2007. Every court experienced an increase from 2008 to 2009 and from 2007 to 2009. (OCA)

In 2009, 14% of the family offense filings in New York State Family Courts fell under the newly expanded definition of “intimate relationship”.3 (OCA)

In 2009, 4% of the family offense filings in New York State Family Courts under the newly expanded definition of “intimate relationship” were made by individuals in current or former same-sex relationships. (OCA)

Bar chart entitled “Orders of Protection (Required) Issued 2007 – 2009” showing approx. 160,000 in 2007, 170,000 in 2008, and 205,000 in 2009.
Orders of Protection in UCS' Domestic Violence Registry (Required)
2007 - 2009
Statewide Temporary Final
2007 2008 2009 2007 2008 2009
Family Court 46,757 49,446 56,449 11,731 11,708 13,613
Local Ciminal Court 63,166 67,518 82,113 11,773 12,041 15,897
County/Supreme Criminal Court 13,188 14,526 18,523 3,768 3,625 3,880
Supreme Civil/Supreme Court 3,364 3,196 4,096 1,725 1,667 1,923
Town and Village Court 6,906 6,606 8,652 1,953 1,957 2,580
Total 133,381 141,292 169,833 30,950 30,998 37,893

  1. Homicide numbers: DCJS report, “ Domestic Homicide in New York State, 2009” by Matthew Fetzer. Published 7/10.
  2. Assaults include both aggravated assaults and simple assaults as defined by the Uniform Crime Reporting program. 2009 figures cannot be compared to prior years because changes in domestic violence reporting were implemented in 2009. A detailed explanation of changes may be found at the DCJS website.
  3. In July 2008, New York State family law changed to allow people who are (or have been) in an “intimate relationship” to file for a civil order of protection in family court. Examples of an intimate relationship include people who are (or were) dating, living together, or in a same-sex relationship.