Sick Leave/Safe Time

S.7506-B/A.9506-B (Part J)

Amends the Labor Law to require that every employer provide sick leave, either paid or unpaid depending on size of business, to employees. Employees may use sick time for physical or mental health-related purposes for themselves or family members. Employees may use sick time as “safe time” for purposes related to domestic violence, family offenses, sexual offenses, stalking or human trafficking for themselves, or to assist family members, to obtain victim services, safety planning, meet with law enforcement or civil attorneys, relocate, enroll children in a new school, or take any other actions necessary to ensure safety for themselves or others. Perpetrators of these offenses are not allowed to use sick time for these purposes.


Signed: April 3, 2020 Chapter 56 – Budget Bill: Part J
Effective: September 30, 2020, except that employees may not use sick time, family sick time, or safe time until January 1, 2021.
Amends: Labor Law by adding a new section, 196-b.