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One of OPDV’s goals is to educate the public about the nature and impact of domestic violence and New York State's efforts to combat this crime. Education – at the state and local levels – is a key element in changing public beliefs and behaviors.

OPDV accomplishes this goal through a variety of methods, including campaigns, the OPDV Bulletin, Facebook, publications and press releases. These are explained below. Additional background and information on domestic violence can be found throughout this website. Look at About Domestic Violence, Legislation and much, much more. And visit the Homepage frequently to see What’s New!

OPDV Bulletin

The ODPV Bulletin was published in hardcopy through 2003. In the fall of 2008, it resumed publication in an electronic format, on a quarterly basis. View the latest issue of the ODPV Bulletin.


The best way to reach a large audience with a specific message is through campaigns. OPDV has conducted campaigns targeted to men, teenagers, parents, victims and the general public. We have used television, radio, billboards, bus cards, mall kiosks, web banners, social media and print materials.


OPDV offers free publications that can be downloaded or shipped by mail to New York State individuals and organizations. For a full listing and instructions on how to order, see the Publications Page. Please use the electronic versions wherever possible.

Press Releases

The Governor’s office or OPDV announces domestic violence-related news by sending a press release to the media. The following link provide a chronological listing of press releases on domestic violence and related subjects.

“Peace at Home” License Plates

OPDV and the Department of Motor Vehicles produced a license plate to raise money for promoting public awareness of domestic violence. To order a "Peace at Home" plate, visit the DMV website.


Tell us how we're doing! If you have ideas, questions or concerns about increasing public awareness of domestic violence, feel free to drop us a note:

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