Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

Public Awareness

“Shine the Light on Domestic Violence” aka Turn the State Purple

“Shine the Light on Domestic Violence” Wallet Cards

We are happy to offer you a new resource this year: wallet cards! These 2” x 3½”  cards are an easy way to spread the word about Domestic Violence Awareness Month and help make the link between purple and domestic violence. You can ask a shop owner to put a pile on the counter. You can leave a pile in the cafeteria at work. You can hand them out when people ask why you’re wearing a purple ribbon. (And you should wear a purple ribbon. They’re easy to make. See our handout, “Shine the Light on Domestic Violence – How to Go Purple” [printer-friendly/pdf] )  Think of other places you can leave or hand out cards.

Click on this image to
download the wallet cards  Shine  the Light on Domestic Violence wallet card
Printing Wallet Cards

You can print the cards on standard business card paper available from an office supply store. These papers are of varying qualities and prices, but what they have in common is that you print the page and then fold along the perforated edges, creating 10 cards per page. The provided PDF can be used for printing the front side of the cards. If you’re handy, you can easily customize the cards by printing on the back.

Find a template online and create a document with your agency’s name, logo, hotline – whatever you’d like. You can print the two-sided card the way you print any other two-sided document. Then simply tear along the perforations and voila! Ten cards, ready to hand out.

Printing tip: When printing, make sure that, in the Print Dialog box, under the “Page Handling” section, the “Page Scaling” is set to “None.” If the “Fit to Printable Area” is selected, the printed document won’t match the size of the business card paper.