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Public Awareness

“Shine the Light on Domestic Violence” aka Turn the State Purple

Shine the Light on Domestic Violence!


Why is everything PURPLE?

  • October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
  • Purple is the color of domestic violence awareness.
  • “Shine the Light” is a campaign in New York State to shine purple lights on buildings, wear purple or hold purple events during the month of October.


Awareness is the first step toward real change.

Statewide Wear PURPLE Day: Wednesday, October 21

Shine the Light on Domestic Violence Campaign activities photos: structures and buildings lit in purple, people wearing purple and awareness materials

Photo caption:
Top row, left to right: Electronic sign at Glens Falls Civic Center , Albany Law School illuminated in purple, Purple cake with purple ribbons, H. Lee Dennison County Office Building illuminated in purple, A group of 24 employees wearing purple

Bottom row, left to right: Mid-Hudson Bridge with purple necklace lights, Flags with purple lights, Times Square with purple electronic billboards, ASAP Daisies wearing purple t-shirts, Tabletop display with purple items, and Niagara Falls illuminated in purple

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