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Bulletins - Winter 2014 OPDV Bulletin

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Special Feature: New Videos & “Shine the Light On Domestic Violence” Update

Finding Safety & Support: The Video!

OPDV recently completed a set of videos and corresponding public service announcements. “Finding Safety & Support: The Video” is produced in three short segments and is comprised of a combination of dramatization and portrayed testimonials. The topics, “Identifying Abuse,” “Planning for Safety” and “Getting Involved,” along with the theme, “Don’t Do Nothing,” are designed to raise awareness of the signs of domestic violence and provide ideas, suggestions and model behaviors so individuals can broach the subject with a friend or a loved one who may be abused in an intimate relationship, and let them know that help is available.

Musician Natalie Merchant is featured in the PSAs. All pieces can be viewed online. A User’s Guide is in development, so stay tuned to our website for notification of when it is available. For those without access to YouTube, please note that the three videos and two PSAs will be on our website in the early part of 2014. You can also contact us for a DVD copy by sending a request to 

Materials were unveiled at a press conference/screening. See the press release

Photo of Natalie Merchant in a television monitor
Musician Natalie Merchant is committed to fighting domestic violence. She stars in the new public service announcements.
Ms. Merchant spoke at a press conference at The Linda on October 23, announcing the videos and PSAs.
Photo of a young woman sitting in a television studio.
An actress plays “Keisha,” in “Keisha’s Story,” the portrayed testimonial in the first video, “Identifying Abuse.”
Photo of people sitting in a living room.
A scene from the second video, “Planning for Safety.” The NYS Media Services Center produced all materials.
Photo of people sitting in a lunch room.
A scene from the third video, “Getting Involved,” which shows how anyone, including co-workers, can take a stand.
Purple New York 2013

This was the sixth year of New York State’s “Shine the Light on Domestic Violence” campaign. We are thrilled that so many people have made turning the state purple a part of their annual tradition in October. This year, once again, Niagara Falls, Times Square, the Mid-Hudson and Peace Bridges, city halls and county court houses turned purple. Some creative ideas included a park with 603 purple flags representing clients served during the previous year, a “Paint the Post Purple” competition on a military installation, parades of dogs wearing purple, and a purple scavenger hunt.

OPDV works to provide online resources for participants, including downloadable brochures, posters, and wallet cards. We also offer suggestions for how to go purple and provide customizable items such as a sample press release. Are there any resources you would like to see us develop? Please let us know at

“Shine the Light” recognizes that a coordinated voice is a strong voice, magnifying individual efforts with the power of collaboration. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Building with a purple tower.Shirt and sweater with a purple tie. Office building lit purple. Niagara Falls illuminated purple. Big purple ribbon on a pole. Group of people wearing purple t-shirts. Office front with purple lights on facade. Office building with lights shining up the front. Group of people holding “End Domestic Violence” sign. Sign outside Warren County Sheriff’s Office lit purple.

Visit OPDV’s page on Facebook to see sample photos. All photos will be on Facebook and the list of participants will be on the OPDV website by early spring. If your agency participated but isn’t listed, let us know. Participation materials for Shine the Light in 2014 will be available by early summer. Don’t miss out!