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Bulletins - Winter 2013 OPDV Bulletin

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(pdf) Photo of Gwen Wright, Acting Executive Director of OPDV

From the Executive Director

Happy New Year.  We at OPDV wish you a peaceful yet productive 2013!

This Bulletin spans two important awareness events: January is Stalking Awareness Month and February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month.  We invite you to access the stalking information on the OPDV website as well as our youth-focused dating abuse and healthy relationships website, Respect Love, Love Respect, to find information you can use in your awareness raising activities.  It is fitting that these two awareness events come back-to-back.  We know that stalking is often a tactic used in dating abuse, and “cyberstalking”, or stalking through the use of technology, is so prevalent among young people. We discussed this issue in the combined 2012 Summer/Fall Bulletin Q&A on the Dignity for All Students Act , which has been amended to specifically cover “cyberbullying” as a form of harassment, reinforcing New York State’s commitment to identifying abuse in all  forms.

This issue of the OPDV Bulletin offers discussion and information about two important topics.  Our Q&A deals with economic abuse and its impact on victims of domestic violence.  The featured article is written by David Mandel and focuses on enhancing child welfare practice in cases that involve domestic violence. We hope that you find these writings useful.

Again, all the best for a very happy 2013.  We look forward to our continued partnership with you all to end domestic violence in New York State.

Gwen Wright

Acting Executive Director