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Bulletins - Winter 2012 OPDV Bulletin

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“Shine the Light on Domestic Violence” 2011
SUNY Plaza Albany NY lit in purple, Purple ribbon lawn sign saying “End Domestic Violence”, People wearing purple, Time Square in NYC with billboards lit in purple

This year’s campaign to turn New York State purple was a shining success! With reported participation from more than 400 individuals and organizations, the message was spread further than ever before. In this, the 4th year of the campaign, advocates, government agencies, legislators, private businesses, sports arenas…even a pageant queen...stepped forward to turn something purple. You can see a list of all participants, sortable by name or county, on our website. Photos can be seen on Facebook. If your agency participated but isn’t listed, let us know.

OPDV worked hard in 2011 to prepare for October. We produced a webinar featuring four strong domestic violence advocates who shared their tips with more than a hundred viewers on how to go purple. Ideas ranged from making little purple flags on barbecue skewers to engaging local businesses, hosting a scavenger hunt, and lighting prominent buildings purple – all for little or no cost.

We also developed new tools, including a mini-poster for download and a fill-in-the-blanks press release. We are looking forward to working with the NYS Coalition Against Domestic Violence this year to produce even more new resources. If you have any ideas, send them to “Shine the Light” recognizes that a coordinated voice is a strong voice, magnifying individual efforts with the power of collaboration. To those who have been turning New York State purple for the past four years, thank you. And to the newcomers, welcome and thank you! Let’s work together to bring this campaign to new heights in 2012!