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Bulletins - Winter 2012 OPDV Bulletin

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Respect Love, Love Respect

Respect Love, Love Respect logo

In October, OPDV unveiled a new dating abuse initiative geared toward teens and young adults. Respect Love, Love Respect offers a content-rich website and Facebook page that provide a wealth of information about dating abuse and healthy relationships. The website has interactive features, such as a healthy relationships quiz and a section called “In Your Own Words”, where teens and young people age 16 – 24 are invited to write about their experiences and have it posted on the website.

In February 2011, OPDV held a slogan contest asking young New Yorkers to send us their ideas to help brand this initiative. Respect Love, Love Respect was submitted by 20 year old Cady Fontana of Ithaca and was chosen by focus groups of young people around the state. Webpage layout ideas were also focus tested, which helped develop the logo and the look of the website. The result is a website designed to speak to teens and young people and be approachable, interesting, and useful for them.

Please visit the website and “Like” us on Facebook. And please utilize these resources as you plan for February, Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month. We also welcome your feedback on the new website. There’s a link to a short survey on the homepage. Tell us what you think!