Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

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Bulletins - Winter 2012 OPDV Bulletin

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Amy Barasch, Esq., Executive Director

From the Executive Director

Happy New Year everyone. OPDV is looking forward to an exciting set of new projects for 2012 to add to our regular work. It will be another busy year!

I want to start the year with thanks to all of our colleagues, old and new, who participated in October 2011’s “Shine the Light on Domestic Violence” campaign – it was our most impactful yet, and a stunning showing of the state connecting around the issue of domestic violence. Over 400 partners joined us in turning the state purple. From Times Square to Niagara Falls, and many cities and towns in between, the color purple blanketed the State of New York. You can expect to see even more “Shine the Light” tools tailored for advocacy organizations created in 2012, in partnership with the NYS Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

This Bulletin has a particular focus on domestic violence and its impact on young people in two different arenas. Our Q&A addresses the issue of Family Engagement, the effort of the child welfare community to ensure that all parents are engaged in the rearing of their children, and how that effort is conducted if domestic violence is present. And the article by Dr. Nan Stein shares her perspective on bullying and its relationships to sexual harassment, dating violence, and other gendered violence among youth. Both make for really interesting reading.

I close by recognizing two important awareness events that are upon us: January is Stalking Awareness Month and February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month. Please check out the OPDV website and our teen and youth-focused website, Respect Love, Love Respect, for information that can be used to support your awareness activities.

Amy Barasch

Executive Director