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Bulletins - Winter 2011 OPDV Bulletin

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(printer-friendly/pdf) Amy Barasch, Esq., Executive Director

From the Executive Director

It’s hard to believe we are beginning 2011, but we are, and happy new year to all. A heartfelt thanks from our office to all of the domestic violence providers, private citizens, companies, and state partners who helped make the “Shine the Light” campaign the most impactful one so far. More than 270 organizations participated, representing 50 counties – it was hard not to see something purple in October. Congratulations to all for their hard work – the photos on our page on Facebook show the breadth of participation, and hopefully will show victims and survivors how many people stand ready to support them.

Since it is the New Year, this Bulletin has a section on tax issues specific to domestic violence victims. We also highlight a key issue for victims – housing. As we know, domestic violence is an issue that reaches not only into criminal justice, but into housing, tax, child welfare, health – you name it, there’s an impact! We work to address many of these issues in our quarterly Bulletin. If there is a domestic violence-related topic you would like featured, please e-mail suggestions to

There are two important public awareness events to start off the New Year. January is Stalking Awareness Month and February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month. Please take the opportunity to highlight these important issues in your work. Keep an eye out for more from us about our plans to raise awareness about dating violence among young people starting in February!

As always, many thanks for your tireless commitment to keeping people safe in their intimate relationships. Let’s make 2011 the safest year we’ve seen so far!

Amy Barasch

Executive Director