Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

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Bulletins - Spring 2015 OPDV Bulletin

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Our Look Has Changed!

In an effort to promote more efficient and effective communication and public service delivery, New York State has implemented stan­dard branding guidelines. This more consistent graphic approach is designed to unify the variety of materials produced by individual state agencies while maintaining the New York State brand and integrity on all materials and services created and provided by the state workforce.

OPDV has used this time of visual transition as an opportunity to offer Bulletin readers even more content and information than before. Although we continue to provide a feature article and Q&A, in addition to our sections dedicated to legislative updates, OPDV initiatives, and other state agency programs related to domestic violence, our cover now includes new and upcoming events and information, as well as links to awareness-raising activities locally and nationwide.

We thank you for your readership, and we hope the bulletin continues to be a helpful source of information and support.