Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

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Bulletins - Spring 2015 OPDV Bulletin

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“Another Domestic Incident - Another DIR?”

Photograph of police officer and young womanOPDV has developed a training video for all NYS law enforcement titled: “Another Domestic Incident – Another DIR?” The 14-minute video, which is designed to be shown to police officers at roll call, reinforces the message that police must complete a DIR whenever they respond to a report of a crime or offense between members of the same family or household.

The video includes interviews with and statements from police super­visors, an assistant district attorney, and a victim advocate who discuss the many benefits of the DIR as a valuable tool for police, probation, parole, prosecutors, judges, domes­tic violence victims and advocates. In addition to the instructive content, this training tool also examines common myths about domestic violence victims, abusers, and the System in general, while addressing terms and concepts related to proper documentation, access to Family Court, and the impact of domestic violence and police intervention on children.

“Another Domestic Incident - Another DIR?” is currently available to all police agencies throughout New York State via the DCJS secure eJus­ticeNY Integrated Justice (IJ) Portal.