Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

Information for Professionals

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Domestic Violence and the Workplace Safety Plan Meeting Guidelines

In accordance with the Domestic Violence and the Workplace Policy, all efforts will be made to assist an employee who comes forward with a domestic violence issue.

Advise the employee that:

Ask the employee:

Discuss possible options. When appropriate and with the employee’s agreement, the agency/company may be able to:

Please consult policy for additional guidelines on providing options.

Confirm that the employee has been referred to Employees Assistance AND to their local domestic violence service provider (contact information below). Offer the employee a copy of Finding Safety and Support. Be certain to point out the risks of the offending individual finding the publication.

Document details of your discussion, and the components of the agreed on safety plan.

File the OP in accordance with agency/company Domestic Violence and the Workplace Policy, and file documented notes in a separate file in a secure location

The New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (OPDV) provides assistance with domestic violence policy development and domestic violence and the workplace training. In addition, OPDV will provide technical assistance for any domestic violence issues that arise in the workplace. Please contact or call 518-457-5740.

If it is determined that an employee is utilizing agency/company resources to victimize anyone, consult management.