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Local District Staff Domestic Violence Training: Rave Reviews

Staff has raved about the training saying that it was both helpful to understand the bigger, philosophical issues as well as the hands on - job related- info. Again, thanks for coming to Tompkins County and thanks for being great trainers!

-Tompkins County SDC-

Excellent training should be mandated for all staff at DSS, Child Support, services etc.

-Tompkins County-

The trainers were very attentive to the subject. I LOVED the In Her Shoes exercise it was much better than sitting and having it read to us.

Chemung County-

The trainers made the material understandable. They made the class interesting and I wanted to participate with discussion. Helped to understand a life I have not been exposed to.

-Cayuga County-

I really enjoyed the presentation and thought the facilitators were understanding and very professional.

-Ontario County-

Passion, knowledge, enthusiasm, real life examples used by the trainers greatly enhances this program. Experiential and discussion based learning makes the day go quickly and keeps everyone engaged.

-Saratoga County-

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