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An Overview of a Valuable No-Cost Tool for Law Enforcement: The DIR Repository


What is the New York State Domestic Incident Report Repository (DIRR)?

The NYS DIRR is an electronic database, available via the eJustice Integrated Justice portal (IJ Portal), containing all DIRs submitted to DCJS by police and sheriff’s departments in the 57 counties outside of New York City. Currently, DCJS receives more than 175,000 DIRs per year, which are scanned within 48 hours of receipt by DCJS and then able to be searched by registered users. All DIRs submitted to DCJS from May 2010 to present have been scanned into the DIRR.

Who can register for access to the DIRR?

Any law enforcement agency (a police agency, sheriff’s office, district attorney’s office, office of the attorney general, federal law enforcement on tribal grounds, probation department, or community supervisions agency) and 911 Call Centers can have access and have multiple users.

How can the DIR Repository aid law enforcement professionals?

The DIRR: Application, Registration, and Navigation

How do agencies apply for access to the DIR Repository?

Log in to legacy eJusticeNY or the IJ Portal

What DIR data is available in the Repository?

What do automated searches by name, address, and document number provide?

How can police agencies ensure that the data in the DIR Repository is accurate and complete?