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Resources: Helpful Checklists

Review Checklist: Domestic Incident Follow-Up Investigation Checklist
  • Include all information from checklist.
  • Note names of all officers at scene & roles they played. Attach all photos, medical reports, other written reports & documents.
  • Note need for follow-up investigation.
  • Verify inclusion of checklist contents.
  • Review reports for patrol office’s requested follow-up investigation.
  • Secure and copy 911 tapes and dispatch radio traffic.
  • Photograph victim’s injuries 24-72 hours after assault regardless if taken by the reporting officer or not.
  • Determine whether processing was completed for all physical evidence seized at the scene.
  • Obtain statements from medical staff.
  • (Re)interview witnesses.
  • (Re)interview medical personnel.
  • Contact victim and witnesses about criminal court process and victim rights notification and reparation.
  • Make copies of all complaints and incident reports regarding prior police calls to this location or involving same parties.
  • Obtain records from police department regarding prior arrests and convictions for domestic assault/battery and related criminal