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New York State Colleges Address Domestic Violence/Stalking – An Overview

Sections 6431 and 6432 of New York Educational Law Article 129-A have required campuses and colleges to address sexual assault through the work of an advisory committee on campus security and the provision of prevention information. In 2009, amendments were enacted that add similar requirements for addressing domestic violence and stalking. The two sections are summarized below; newly-added material appears in italics.

S 6431
The Advisory Committee on Campus Security will review current campus security policies and make recommendations for their improvement. Specifically, the committee will look at policies and procedures for:

The committee shall report in writing to the college president or chief administrative officer at least once each year and make this report available upon request.

Nothing in S 6431 changes existing standards for civil liability.
S 6432
Colleges shall inform incoming students about sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking. Information shall include: