Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence


Summary of New York State Domestic Violence and Related Laws by Subject (beginning from 1995)

Subject Categories

Technology Safety/Abuse
Student Cyberbullying Prevention  (A.10712 O’Donnell/S.7740 Saland)

Requires school districts to establish policies and procedures to respond to cyberbullying, harassment, bullying and discrimination.  The new law provides a detailed definition of cyberbullying that includes the use of electronic communication, either on or off school property, to intimidate, threaten or abuse another student. Districts must designate a school official to investigate reports made by students or parents, notify law enforcement, where appropriate, and take prompt responsive action.  Schools must develop a bullying prevention strategy, advise all school community members of the school's policies and post the policies on the school's website. The law also establishes training requirements for current and new school employees on harassment, cyber/bullying and discrimination.

Signed: 2012 Chapter 102

Effective: July1, 2013  

Amends:  Education Law §§11(7); adds a new 11(8); amends 12(1); 13; 14; 15; 16; 801-a

Internet Dating Safety  (A.5180-A Pfeffer/S.6283 Klein)

Requires Internet dating services which have members in NYS to provide a safety awareness notice to customers.  The safety awareness notification would be required to include, at minimum, a list and description of safety measures designed to increase customer awareness of safer dating practices.

Signed: 2010 Chapter 425

Effective: December 28, 2010

Amends:  General Business Law §394-cc

Video Voyeurism  (A.8926 Schimminger/S.3060-B Marcellino)

"Stephanie's Law" creates felony criminal penalties for video voyeurism, including the unconsented use of mechanical, digital or electronic devices to record visual images of a person in a place where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. Criminal penalties are also created for disseminating, publishing or selling images of another person's body which were obtained by unlawful surveillance.

Signed: 2003 Chapter 69

Effective: August 11, 2003

Amends:  Penal Law §§250.00(8); 250.40; 250.45; 250.50; 250.55; 250.60; 250.65

Correction Law §§168-a(2)(a); 168-a(2)(e); 168-d(1)(a)