Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence


Summary of New York State Domestic Violence and Related Laws by Subject (beginning from 1995)

Subject Categories

Amendments to the Family Protection and Domestic Violence Intervention Act of 1994  (S.4988-B Saland/A.6831-A Weinstein)

Amends and clarifies the Family Protection and Domestic Violence Intervention Act of 1994:

  • adds Supreme Court (Domestic Relations Law) to the record-sharing system; OCA to promulgate rules
  • requires OCA to develop uniform forms for O/P's in matrimonial/Supreme Court to be compatible with registry
  • adds all warrants to the registry, not just arrest warrants, issued in connection with family offense O/P's and violations

Signed: 1995 Chapter 349

Effective: July 28, 1995

Amends:  Judiciary Law §212(2)(e)

Executive Law §221-a(1) – (4)

Domestic Relations Law §§240(3); 252

Criminal Procedure Law §§140.10(4)(b)(ii); 530.11(5)

Distinctive License Plate  (A.11870 Paulin/S.7769 Espada)

Establishes a distinctive New York State license plate bearing the logo, "Peace at Home." Purchase of the plate will generate fees that will be deposited in an OPDV domestic violence awareness fund to be used for public awareness, education and training.

Signed: 2002 Chapter 634

Effective: April 7, 2003

Amends:  Vehicle & Traffic Law §404-t

State Finance Law §97-yyy