Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence


Strangulation - A.10161-A Lentol / S.6987-A Schneiderman

List of law sections amended

Amends multiple sections of NYS laws:

Penal Law: new article 121; amends §70.02 (1) (b) and (c); §460.10(1)(a); §60.05(5); §485.05(3); §130.91(2)

Criminal Procedure Law: §190.25(3)(h); §700.05(8)(b); §530.11(1)

Domestic Relations Law: §115-d(3-a)(c)

Executive Law: §995(7)(f)

Social Services Law: §378-a(2)(j)

Family Court Act: §812(1)

Mental Hygiene Law: §10.03(f)

Vehicle and Traffic Law: §509-cc(4)(c)

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