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“Don’t Do Nothing”

Finding Safety & Support: The Video

About the Campaign

The “Don’t Do Nothing” video was designed to raise awareness of domestic violence and to provide ideas and suggestions for safe, appropriate responses by family, friends and co-workers. The video is presented in three short segments: Identifying Abuse, Planning for Safety and Getting Involved, each of which is comprised of dramatization and portrayed testimonials. While the Domestic Violence Finding Safety and Support companion booklet, also published and distributed by the NYS Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, provides resources and information for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, the video is primarily aimed at anyone seeking guidance in approaching a friend or loved one who may be abused in an intimate relationship. Both the booklet and the video were developed to let all New Yorkers know that help is available.


These videos are available for the Windows Media and Quicktime players.

Photo of a young woman sitting in a television studio.

Identifying Abuse – 7:59

Photo of people sitting in a living room.

Planning for Safety – 6:49

Photo of people sitting in a lunch room.

Getting Involved – 8:19

Note: The total time for all three videos is 22 minutes and 12 seconds.

You can also view the videos on YouTube here:


Video User’s Guide

OPDV developed a User’s Guide to help structure group viewing of the video. The User’s Guide suggests types of groups and environments for viewing and it provides a series of questions and suggested answers to help facilitate a discussion. “Don’t Do Nothing” Video User’s Guide pdf HTML (Web page)

Public Service Announcements

Singer-activist Natalie Merchant lent her voice and celebrity to the campaign by authorizing use of the song, “The Worst Thing,” during the video’s closing credits. She also filmed 30-second and 60-second public service announcements, promoting the “Don’t Do Nothing” message.  

View the public service announcements:

Photo of Natalie Merchant in a television monitor

Natalie Merchant PSA - :60

Photo of Natalie Merchant

Natalie Merchant PSA - :30

You can also view the PSAs on YouTube here:

Ms. Merchant also produced a moving short film, “Shelter,” featuring a group of women living in the Mid-Hudson region. Musicians, advocates, criminal prosecutors, victims and survivors illuminate the darkness surrounding the crisis of domestic violence in their community. OPDV’s Executive Director, Gwen Wright, features in the film.


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