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Documenting Stalking

Keeping a record of issues and concerns is very important. Even if you do not pursue immediate legal action, tracking the stalker’s behavior toward you can show a pattern that can help build a case or help identify an unknown stalker.

The sample log below gives an example of a form that can be used to record any and all incidents and contacts involving a stalker. Please keep in mind that stalkers will probably see any log, journal, and/or other information used as evidence in criminal prosecutions against them. Therefore, document only the facts of the case and do not include any personal information that you do not want the stalker to see. On the other side of this sheet is an illustration of a completed log of documented incidents and contacts from an ex-boyfriend of the person filling in the information.

Documentation of Stalking Incidents
Date and Time Location Description Response Witness(es)

NYS Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence 7/10
Sample Documentation of Stalking Incidents
Date and Time Location Description Response Witness(es)
7/8/10 @ 2:50 pm New home As I was unpacking in my new apartment, my ex-boyfriend John Doe called me on my cell phone and told me that he knows where I am and he’ll kill me if I meet someone new. I hung up right away and told my friend and neighbor Mary Smith about the call and she called the City Police. I told the officer that we lived together for 2 years before we broke up last month. Officer Jackson completed a DIR under incident #10-07388. Mary Smith was in the room when John called.
7/12/10 @ 1:45 pm Walking on Main Street, a few doors from the 7-Eleven Store where I work While I was walking, John Doe called me on my cell phone and told me to hurry up or I’d be late for work. I asked him how he knew my schedule and he said, “Your friends tell me everything I need to know, so don’t do anything stupid.” I told him to stop calling me, and then I hung up without talking anymore. He called me right back twice, but I didn't talk to him. I turned off my phone and went in to work. none

7/14/10 @ (1) 4:30 pm, (2) 5:30 pm,
(3) 9:15 pm, (4) 10:30 pm

All 4 text messages were left on my phone while I was working at 7-Eleven on Main St.

When I checked my cell phone messages after work, I found that John Doe called and left 4 messages. In the first two, he apologized for scaring me 2 days ago, and asked if I was mad at him. In the third text, he wrote that he still loves me. In the 4th, he wrote in capital letters, “YOU’D BETTER CALL ME BACK NOW!”

I did not call him back and I saved all 4 text messages to my cell phone.


7/15/10 @ 1:15 am


I was emailing some of my
friends when John sent me an email that said, “You’ll be sorry if you don’t start answering my calls. I’m thinking of coming over there and you’d better be there and let me in when I get there.”

I did not know how he got my new email address, but I did not email back or call him. I saved the message and the header information to a file on my laptop and also printed it out. I showed this log and John’s email to Mary Smith, and she said that I should call the City Police. Officer Markham responded and filed a DIR under incident #10-07964.

Mary saw John’s email message

7/16/10 @ 10:30 pm

Grande Movie Theater in Center Mall

While I was sitting waiting for the movie to start with my friends Mary Smith, Julie Sampson, and Ben Marx, John Doe texted me: “Who’s that guy with you? I told you that I’ll kill you if you go out with anyone else.”

I did not text back. I showed my friends the text and they told me that it was creepy what John wrote and they were concerned he was in the area. They told me I should call the police. We left the theater and went outside and called the City Police, and…

(What is done now?)

Mary Smith
Julie Sampson
Ben Marx