Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

Help Available

Information for Those Applying for Temporary Assistance at Their Local Department of Social Services

What kinds of help are available in New York State?


In New York State you can call the New York State Domestic Violence Hotline for information about emergency shelter, support groups, counseling and your legal rights:

1-800-942-6906, English & español/Multi-language Accessibility

Deaf or Hard of Hearing: 711

In New York City call:

1-800-621-HOPE (1-800-621-4673)

Temporary Assistance

In New York State you must meet certain requirements to be eligible for temporary assistance (welfare) such as looking for work, giving information about an absent parent, etc. If you think that you are a victim of domestic violence and that meeting one or more of the requirements may place you or your children at greater risk of harm or make it more difficult to escape from abuse, you may request a temporary delay of those requirements, which is called a waiver.

As part of your eligibility interview you will be:

The DVL will discuss your situation, suggest referrals for DV services and help determine if you need a waiver. The DVL will decide whether you are approved for a waiver, which will temporarily delay program requirements such as:

This program is voluntary and confidential and does not affect your eligibility for benefits. You can request to see the DVL at anytime throughout the temporary assistance process.