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Domestic Violence: Finding Safety and Support

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Sample Documentation Of Stalking Incidents

Date & Time Location Description Response Witness(es)
12/3/13 @ 2:50 pm New home As I was unpacking in my new apartment with my friend and neighbor, Mary Smith, my ex-boyfriend John Doe called me on my cell phone. He said that he knows where I am and he’ll kill me if I meet someone new. I hung up right away and told Mary Smith about the call and she called the police. I told the officer that we lived together for 2 years before we broke up last month. Officer Jackson completed a DIR under incident #10-12398. Mary Smith was in the room when John called.
12/4/13 @
4 texts made to my cell phone while I was working at 7-Eleven on Main Street. While I was at work, John Doe sent 4 text messages. In the first 2, he apologized for calling and scaring me and asked if I was mad at him. Text 3 said that he still loves me and wants to be part of my life. In text 4, he wrote "YOU'D BETTER CALL MEBACK NOW!" I did not call him back. I saved all 4 text messages to my cell phone. None