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Domestic Violence: Finding Safety and Support

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What Is the Domestic Incident Report (DIR)?

The NYS Domestic Incident Report (DIR) is a form that police must complete every time they respond to a domestic incident, whether or not an arrest is made. It provides an official record of your account of what happened and can be used by you or your attorney in Family

Court, or by the District Attorney or judge. You will need a copy of the DIR if you are applying for crime victims’ compensation, and it may be used when applying for a Family Violence Option waiver. See the Department of Social Services section on waivers. It is important that you keep a copy for your records.

The officer should provide you with a copy of the DIR before leaving the scene. The paper should say “New York State Domestic Incident Report” on the top. It includes the following:

The officer should also provide you with the phone number of the local domestic violence service provider, and may also help you contact the program at the scene.

The abuser may try to get you to change your description of what happened in order to avoid getting arrested or having an order of protection issued. Be aware that changing your description of the facts or withdrawing your complaint may result in negative consequences to you.