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Flexible Funding for Survivors


Announced in May 2023, the New York State FY 2024 budget includes $5 million in new state funding for grants to government entities and not-for-profit organizations to provide financial assistance to victims and survivors of domestic violence. OPDV is excited to work with survivors, the provider network, and other stakeholders to administer these funds and to find a way to reach more survivors and further serve their needs in a trauma-informed, culturally responsive, and survivor-centered manner.

Town Hall

On July 13, 2023, OPDV held a Flexible Funding Town Hall, inviting survivors as well as non-profits, educational organizations, and government entities that provide services to survivors of domestic and gender-based violence to give input related to the factors the State of New York should consider in determining the methodology for administering this funding.

During the Town Hall, OPDV presented detailed information about the funding and shared examples of ways flexible funding has been allocated in the past, both in NYS and other states. OPDV also guided Town Hall participants in a discussion to help New York State determine the most effective and efficient way to distribute this funding to survivors.

OPDV will use the information gathered at the town hall to inform our development of a plan for distribution of the funding for final approval of the Division of Budget and subject to approval of the Office of the State Comptroller for distributing these funds.

For more details and outcomes from the Townhall:

LOI Questions and Answers

All questions received via OPDV’s flexible funding email address by 10/25/23 or asked in the chat during our 10/20/23 webinar were recorded and answered in the document linked below, grouped by topic area. Where questions are duplicative, they are listed together and answered once. Additionally shared below is the PowerPoint that guided the Question-and-Answer webinar hosted by OPDV on 10/20/23.