New York State Information Technology Policy

This Web site is in compliance with the Information Technology Policy NYS-P08-005, Accessibility of Web-Based Information and Applications (), published by the New York State Office of Information Technology Services (ITS).

File Formats

If you require a document in a different file format than we currently provide, you can request it from us and the same document, in an accessible format, will be provided to you. Free viewers and players are also available for many of the file types we use. If you are having trouble viewing any of these file types, you may need to install additional software:

The New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence is not responsible for the software listed above or your use of it. The links above are provided for your convenience and does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the software or companies.

If you have any questions or concerns about the accessibility of any part of this Web site please contact OPDV via email at [email protected].