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OPDV Winter 2019 Bulletin

The OPDV Winter 2019 bulletin focuses on risk assessment and reduction in domestic violence cases. Highlights include our feature article, "An Offender Focused Approach to Victim Safety," a Q&A about the Intimate Partner Violence Intervention in Kingston, Ulster County and a recap of the state’s first ever Risk Reduction Summit, hosted last October by OPDV. This issue also provides information about the New York State Domestic Violence Listening Tours, coordinated by the Governor’s Office on Women’s Affairs and attended by OPDV Executive Director Gwen Wright, and includes a summary of recent legislative updates.

Teen Dating Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month

February is Teen Dating Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month, and this year OPDV is targeting adults who know and work with teens. Trauma research shows that when children and teens have even one positive relationship with an adult, it can increase resiliency and promote a healthy future. The goal of this campaign is to remind adults that they can make a difference in teens’ lives, and that the warning signs of teen dating abuse are #NotJustPhysical. Check out our new guide to discover the warning signs, learn how to start a dialogue, and make a game plan. Our online toolkit will give you tons of great ways to spread awareness so that you can make a difference in your community!

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Be an Ally

As an ally, you can provide information and resources to those in need. You can: share the state’s 24/7, free and confidential Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline number (1-800-942-6906); believe a friend or loved one and listen without judgment; encourage workplaces to adopt a policy to improve protections for victims; and support local domestic violence programs. For more ideas about how to be an ally, check out our new Ally card and poster, which you also can download and distribute in your community.

OPDV Fall 2018 Bulletin

The OPDV Fall 2018 bulletin focuses on the intersection of immigration and domestic violence. Highlights include our feature article, “Coming Together as a Community: Helping Those Seeking Asylum,” and a Q&A about the legal rights and remedies for victims of domestic violence who are seeking asylum. This issue also provides information about the State Office for New Americans, and highlights several local and state efforts and resources for immigrant victims of domestic violence, including a local partnership formed by the Albany Police Department, a new employment recruitment program initiated by the State Office of General Services, and the new Visa and Immigration Online Resource developed by the State University of New York (SUNY) and several partner agencies to assist immigrant and international victims/survivors of sexual or interpersonal violence. 

New York State Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline at 1-800-942-6906
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New York State's Teen Dating Abuse Website

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