Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

Training and Presentations


Child Protective Services

Mental Health Training and Technical Assistance

The Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence offers in-service presentations on domestic violence for staff of mental health and substance abuse agencies. These presentations cover the dynamics of domestic violence, connections between domestic violence and mental health and substance abuse issues, screening and assessment, and intervention strategies that promote victim safety and offender accountability. 

These trainings are intended for professionals, and carry Certified Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) hours, as noted.  We often invite local domestic violence service providers to attend these presentations, in order to help foster collaboration between service systems.  Agencies that want a presentation on domestic violence for their clients should contact their local domestic violence program.   

You are welcome to request a specific format or content. There is no charge for these presentations. Learn more.

Social Services


Domestic Violence and the Workplace is a one-day training offered to NYS employees. Preference is given to Agency/OPDV Liaisons and those providing information/service for employees in need of assistance. The training will prepare staff to better understand the dynamics of domestic violence, identify possible signs and indicators of victimization, make appropriate referrals to domestic violence service providers, work with professionals to assist identified victims with safety planning, and develop individualized responses in recognition of the physical, social and cultural realities that may affect an individual victim’s situation.

Training will also include information on ways in which domestic violence impacts the workplace, including potential impact on worker productivity and the safety risks to on-site personnel and visitors.

Domestic Violence and the Workplace – Program Implementation: Tools and Techniques for Trainers will be offered by OPDV. This session is intended to support trainers who will be providing training on domestic violence in their own agencies. While many agencies are proactively planning or providing domestic violence training, the goal of OPDV is to standardize the message being delivered to all NYS employees. Training materials that will support a one-hour presentation will be distributed and reviewed. As a pre-requisite, all trainers interested in attending this program must first complete the one-day Domestic Violence and the Workplace Training (see above for details and registration).