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Domestic Violence Training for Local District Staff

Training Length:

7.5 hours (1 day)

Training Description:

This training has been designed in accordance with basic instructional design principles. It is learner focused, performance based and highly interactive.  The first lesson provides staff with information about the following topics, using an experiential exercise “In Her Shoes", and activity designed to increase participants' awareness of the struggles that battered women face in trying to gain safety for their children.

The second lesson builds a knowledge base for understanding the functions and specific tasks of Temporary Assistance, Employment, and Child Support Enforcement workers regarding the Family Violence Option.

Who Should Attend:

This training is designed for line staff, supervisors, and administrators who work in Temporary Assistance, Child Support Enforcement, and Employment.



What you will learn:
How you will benefit:
Training Agenda

Lesson 1: Identifying Domestic Violence and It’s Impact on Clients:

Lesson 2: Domestic Violence As a Barrier to Self-Sufficiency?

Registration Information

To find out more about the upcoming schedule or to inquire about hosting the Domestic Violence Training for Local District Staff, please contact the project Director at the New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence at

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