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The Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence offers in-service presentations on domestic violence for staff of mental health and substance abuse agencies. These presentations cover the dynamics of domestic violence, connections between domestic violence and mental health and substance abuse issues, screening and assessment, and intervention strategies that promote victim safety and offender accountability. 

These trainings are intended for professionals, and carry Certified Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) hours, as noted.  We often invite local domestic violence service providers to attend these presentations, in order to help foster collaboration between service systems.  Agencies that want a presentation on domestic violence for their clients should contact their local domestic violence program.

You are welcome to request a specific format or content.

There is no charge for these presentations.  However, at this time, we are unable to travel outside the capitol region unless the requesting agency can cover travel expenses. 

Presentations that may be requested include:

  1. Helping Victims of Domestic Violence.  For clinicians. (3 hours) * 3 CASAC hours.
  2. Safety and Accountability in Work with Abusers.  For clinicians. (3 hours) * 3 CASAC hours.
  3. Helping Women and Children Who Live with Domestic Abuse.  For clinicians and other human service providers. (3 hours)
  4. Working with Batterers:  The New York Model.  Particularly intended for staff of agencies that work with court-mandated abusers.   Available as an all-day training (5.5 hours) or a 1.5-hour overview presentation. * 5.5 or 1.5 CASAC hours.
  5. Domestic Violence and Traumatic Brain Injury.  For human service providers. (2 hours).  Covers the intersection of DV and TBI, basics of TBI and the challenges it poses for victims, how abusers target their partners’ disabilities, and strategies for human service providers – including DV and TBI screening.
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