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SHARE YOUR STORY: Because you have the right to be healthy and safe.

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Domestic Violence harms your health. If you are a victim of, please SHARE that information with your health care provider. Your health care provider may be able to help you.

You have a right to be healthy and safe

Screening: All health care providers should ask you domestic violence. They should ask you privately and respectfully, so that you feel comfortable enough to SHARE with them.

HIPPA 1: Almost everything you SHARE is confidential between you and your health care provider. If you tell your health care provider that you have been victimized, they should not report this to the police. However, the health care provider must reportgunshot wounds, burns and life-threatening stab wounds. This is New York State law. 2

Affordable Care Act: Screening and Counseling for domestic violence are covered under the Affordable Care Act as preventive health care. 3 Your health care provider should ask you questions about domestic violence during your visit. If you SHARE your story with them, they can SHARE information with you.

Resources and Referrals: Your health care provider can SHARE resources and referrals that will help you and your children get health care and other services you may need.

Everyone: Everyone knows domestic violence is not your fault. Please SHARE with your health care provider and allow them to SHARE with you.

  1. HIPPA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  2. In NYS, domestic violence is not a reportable offense except under NYS Penal § 265.5 & § 265.26
  3. The Affordable Care Act ensures that women and children receive preventive health care. Domestic violence screening and counseling is now covered.