Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

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Community Corrections

Overview of the issue

Probation plays a critical role in the coordinated response to domestic violence cases by functioning as an offender accountability agency whose focus is on victim and community safety. The investigation, arrest, prosecution, and sentencing phases within the criminal justice system serve as immediate responses to specific criminal behaviors.

Probation’s supervisory function allows for ongoing, intensive monitoring and case management of offenders. This is particularly valuable with respect to domestic violence cases, which typically occur as patterns of behavior over time, often while the offender is granted permission to remain in close contact with the victim.

Probation’s long-term management capabilities serve to enhance offender accountability by imposing individualized terms and conditions on each offender while utilizing a series of appropriate violations for non-compliance with those terms and conditions. Additionally, Probation is in a unique position to support necessary collaborative relationships that must exist between the multiple agencies charged with swift, effective, appropriate responses to all domestic violence offenders.