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Domestic Violence: Finding Safety and Support

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This publication is dedicated to all the survivors and victims of domestic violence from whom we learn all that we know.

OPDV would like to thank the staff for their diligence and commitment to excellence in the writing, review, editing, and layout of this document.

An on-line version of the guide is available at help/fss/fss.pdf

"Finding Safety & Support: The Video" is a companion piece to this booklet, produced in three short segments and comprised of a combination of dramatization and portrayed testimonials. The topics: Identifying Abuse, Planning for Safety and Getting Involved, along with the theme, “Don’t Do Nothing” are designed to raise awareness of the signs of domestic violence and provide ideas, suggestions and model behaviors. The goal is to encourage individuals to broach the subject with a friend or a loved one who may be abused in an intimate relationship, and let them know that help is available. Musician Natalie Merchant features in corresponding public service announcements.

All pieces can be viewed at videos

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