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Just released: The 2015 New York State Domestic Violence Dashboard

We are pleased to bring you the 2015 Domestic Violence Dashboard, which provides a wealth of information about the statewide prevalence of and response to domestic violence in 2015. Please note that we have added several new data points this year, in our ongoing effort to provide the broadest, most useful collection of data possible.

We also encourage you to refer to our newly created Domestic Violence Dashboard Guide for more information about the data we have been collecting since 2007, and for specific information about the new data we have collected each year.

Another Successful Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

2016 was a successful year for #ShineTheLight and we couldn’t have done it without your help! People across New York State turned their communities purple by wearing purple clothes, holding signs, hanging ribbons, holding press conferences, illuminating buildings and so much more. Please head over to our 2016 Shine the Light Facebook photo album to check some of the amazing things people have done. Did you turn your community purple? It’s not too late to let us know! Please send your photos to

OPDV Bulletin Winter 2016 coverRecent publication: Fall 2016 OPDV Bulletin

Domestic Violence and Strangulation: A Guide for Victims and Professionals pdf HTML (web page), provides information about the signs and symptoms of strangulation, and provides recommendations and resources for victims and professionals.

Domestic Violence and the Workplace: A Handbook for Employers provides information to employers about the impact domestic violence can have in the workplace, and offers guidance and resources on how to best address the concern. 

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OPDV Bulletin Winter 2016 cover

OPDV Bulletin